11 January 2018 Comments Off on Do you need a dental insurance plan?

Do you need a dental insurance plan?

For the longest time that health insurance became available, it never covers dental problems. When it comes to coverage, health insurance companies never consider caring for teeth and gums as part of their policies. This is the reason why going to the dentist empties the wallet of many patients. 

Without a dental insurance plan, the cost of dental services can be too much for an ordinary guy. Consider these prices:  dental crown, $1,500; root canal, as much as $1,000; tooth extraction, $650 (with anaesthesia). The services are not cheap and so does the dentist. If you think that you will be spending more on paying per service basis, it’s time to consider getting a dental insurance. 

Here are the benefits of dental insurance: 

  1. It covers many types of dental procedures, cleaning and consultation services. This includes annual exams, diagnosis, x-rays, cleaning and other preventive measures for all ages. However, remember that having a dental insurance doesn’t mean you will not pay anything for all kinds of dental services. Some services are just too expensive that you still need to pay for them but at reduced prices.
  2. You get more conscious about taking care of your teeth. Because you have a dental insurance, you don’t hesitate to go to your dentist for check-up and consultation. You are becoming more aware of the benefits of having healthy teeth and gums.
  3. It is easy in the pocket. On an average, the cost of getting insurance is $360 per year, which is close to a dollar every day. This isn’t bad since the amount of savings you can get for your dental procedures and check-up will always be greater than its average cost. The monthly or annual premium is very easy for anyone to pay. 
  4. If your bill for dental procedures is too high, you will have a peace of mind knowing that your dental insurance plan can take care most of the cost. Supposing you still need to shed some money, you know that it will only be very little as most of the costs have already been shouldered by your insurance plan. A dental insurance plan doesn’t just save you money; it also saves you from a lot of headaches.

Dental insurance will help you protect your teeth and your bank account. Just make sure that the dental insurance plan that you will get covers most, if not all, the dental care procedures and check-ups.